Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Review: Transform animation

It usually takes a few days or sometimes even weeks until you can view your own animations with a pair of "fresh eyes". What I'd like to do from now on is to review my animations and write notes on it.

Ok! So let's review my most recent transform animation.

-Transform sequence needs to be faster.
-More than one body part can be animated at any one time to create a better sense of gizmo movement.
-An overall body thrust/movement can help drive the motion of the entire animation (such as a jump). It comes down to the same principle that everything starts from the hips.
-Moving holds could be better with some polish time.
-Jump motion feels a little floaty, need to watch the spacing more carefully.
-Relaxed arm could use a little more polish.

If there is anything else I've missed out, please feel free to comment!

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At 9 April 2010 17:37 , Blogger Felty-88 said...

Hey Wei Xing,

Cool animation. I agree with your comment on the jump looking a little floaty. Like you said maybe play with the spacing? especially as he lands. He doesn't seem to have any knee joints right? would be nice to see some secondary motion on the landing.
Would also be cool to see the body jolt about as he transforms as if the movements themselves cause optimus to move around.
really playful animation, love to see a slower transform version! keep it up.


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